Thursday, November 22, 2012

Nov 2012 - $200 Office

Description: This entry level nettop is a step up from the standard Intel Atom found in netbooks. Capable of all the basic computing tasks, it also has a nice GPU built in, meaning you get a good browsing experience with streaming video playback. However, the small size means that there is absolutely no room for expansions. There are three upgradable parts: the hard drive, the RAM, and the wifi card. Apart from that, everything is integrated into the system and motherboard and cannot be altered.

Cost Breakdown
Subtotal MIRs Total

Individual Parts
Barebone System FoxConn A45 $140 --- Newegg
RAM G.Skill 4GB DDR3 $18 --- Newegg
Hard Drive WD Scorpio Blue 320GB $50 --- Amazon


SSD: There are a small number of ~$50 (used and refurbished) SSDs floating around between 60GB and 80GB. Any of these would make a good substitute for the hard drive, assuming you don't need the space of a large hard drive. Of course, you'll have to hunt these SSDs down yourself. Try to get an Intel X25-G2 or 300 series, Crucial C300 or M4. Any of those are a safe bet. Otherwise, try to look up the SSD model and find reviews for it.

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