Disclaimers and Other Miscellany

This is my story , and I'm stickin' to it...
  • I don't guarantee that I've built every single configuration on this site. As a matter of fact, I've only built a small percentage of them. Like I said, I'm frugal. It doesn't make sense for me to build 10 computers a month. Every configuration on this site is presented as the computer I would build if I did that category computer that particular month.

  • The budgets do not include monitors, keyboards, mice, disc drives, cables, fans, and other miscellaneous hardware including, but not limited to, screws, brackets, and adapters.

  • The product links on each page reflect the lowest price at the time of publishing. For obvious reasons, many sale and deals (especially in the sub $500 categories) are fleeting, and will not last forever. Prices will fluctuate. It happens. Sorry...

  • I never include shipping and taxes in my budgets and parts list. The reason being that shipping and taxes vary largely based on your location, and shipping may vary if you have any of the various retailer memberships (Amazon Prime and Shoprunner are just two of the dozens). However, I will always try to stick with sites that offer free shipping, or that make it extremely easy to get free shipping (Newegg, Amazon, Tigerdirect, to name a few).

  • I do not sell anything on this site. Do not ask me to build a computer for you. Do not ask me to sell you a pre-built computer. Additionally, I am not affiliated with any of the sites I link to with the exception of DX.com. I make no money by linking to any of the other sites. Like any other blog, I make money mostly through advertising revenue. If this policy should change in the future, I will change this section to update it, and inform the readers.

  • Because I don't sell anything on this site, I offer no warranty for anything on this site. Take up any grievances you may have with the retailers or manufacturers. Although, on that note, I will always try to choose reliable parts from reputable retailers and manufacturers.

  • Goats are awesome!