These charts are designed to give you a rough idea of what you should be upgrading to, especially in the case of a bottleneck, and also provide relative metrics for GPU performance. For brevity, only recent CPUs and GPUs are listed here. For older GPUs and CPUs not listed here, leave a comment, or consult Google.

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* Tiers give relative performance metrics, not absolute measurements.
** Notable games are assumed to be at high settings.
100%The best that money can currently buy. Play any game, at any resolution, at any settings. Notable games: Crysis series, Metro 2033.
75%Enthusiast level. Provides great performance for those that are serious about gaming. Notable Games: Battlefield series, Skyrim.
50%Mainstream level. For most people, a good entry point into PC gaming. Capable of HD gaming on medium or high settings. Notable games: Call Of Duty series, Civilization V.
25%Light gaming. For those that occasionally enjoy playing games, but don't need maximum settings. Notable games: World of Warcraft, the Sims series.
10%Casual gaming. Good enough for most 2D games, and older or less demanding 3D games, but not for recent games. Notable games: Quake, Left 4 Dead series.
1%Almost no gaming. This tier is reserved for systems that are too weak to play all but the lest demanding games.Notable games: Plants Vs Zombies, Bejeweled, Peggle.

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100%GTX 690i7-3xxx, i7-2xxx, i5-3xxx, i5-3xxx, i7-9xx hexacores
90%HD 6990, 7970GTX 590, 680FX-83xx
80%HD 5970, 7870, 7950GTX 580, 660TI, 670
70%HD 5870, 6970, 6950, 7850GTX 470, 480, 560TI, 570, 660i7-9xx quad-cores, i7-8xx, i5-8xx, i5-7xx, i3-3xxx, i3-2xxx, Core 2 QuadsFX-81xx, FX-6xxx, Phenom II x6, Phenom II x4 9xx
60%HD 5850, 6850, 6870, 7770GTX 460, 465, 550TI, 560, 650TI
50%HD 5750, 5770, 5830, 6750, 6770, 6790, 7750GTS 450, GTX 460 SE, 550TI, 560 SE, 650FX-4xxx, A8-3xxx, A6-3xxx, Phenom II x4 8xx, x3 7xx, Athlon II x4 6xx
40%HD 5670, 6670 GT 545, 640i5-6xx, i3-5xx, Core 2 Duo E8xxx, E7xxx, Pentium Gxxx
25%HD 5570, 6570GT 440, 630E5xxx, E6xxx, E7xxxPhenom II x2 5xx, Athlon II x3 4xx, Phenom x4 9xxx
15%HD 5550GT 430, 530E2xxx, E3xxx, E4xxxAthlon II x2 2xx, Phenom x3 8xxx, Athlon x2 7xxx, 6xxx, 5xxx, 4xxx
10%HD 5450, 6450E1xxxAthlon 64
5%Integrated HD 3xxx, 4xxxIntegrated Geforce 7xxx, 8xxxPentium 4Sempron 1xx
1%Other integratedOther integratedOtherOther

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Intel Integrated Graphics
TierGPUFound In
11%HD Graphics 4000i7-37xx, i5-3570k, i5-3475s, i3-3225
8%HD Graphics 3000i7-2600k, 2700k, i5-2500k, i5-2405s, i3-2125, i3-2105
5%HD Graphics 2500i5-3xxx, i3-3xxx, Pentium G2xxx
3%HD Graphics, HD Graphics 2000i7-2xxx, i5-2xxx, i3-2xxx, Pentium Gxxx, Celeron Gxxx
1%Integrated GMA X4xxx, X3xxx, 4xxx, 3xxx, 9xxChipsets used with the Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Core Duo, Pentium Exxx, Celeron Exxx, Pentium 4, Atom

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AMD APU Graphics
TierGPUFound In
16%HD 7660DA10-5xxx
15%HD 7560DA8-5xxx
14%HD 7540DA6-5xxx
14%HD 6550DA8-3xxx
12%HD 6530DA6-3xxx
9%HD 6410DA4-3xxx
8%HD 6370DE2-3200
7.5%HD 6310, 6320E-240, E-300, E-350, E-450
5%HD 6250, 6290, 7290C-30, C-50, C-60, C-70

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