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Office and home computers are about a simple as they come. They have just enough power to surf the web, check email, write up papers, etc, and run basic programs. Because they're so low-powered and undemanding, these computers are very cheap. The $200 configurations are designed to do everything I described above. The $300 configurations do everything the $200 one does, but also have extras like extra video processing power thrown in for good measure, which guarantees the ability to play most or all video files, stream video online, or video chat.

If all you need to do is type up notes and check the occasionally email, check out the Raspberry PI or one of the PCs On A Stick.
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 $200 - For those who can live without bells and whistles. 
November 2012

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 $300 - Upgrade to the big kid computer. 
November 2012

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