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Media-editing computers are powerhouses of computational power, on par with a high-end gaming computer. In lieu of the graphics found in a gaming computer, a media-editing machine adds more processing power. Because of this, there is a lot of overlap between gaming PCs and media-editing PCs. In general, upgrading the CPU in a gaming machine turns it into a media-editing machine, and upgrading the graphics card in a media-editing machine turns it into a gaming machine. These computers are used for video editing and 3D rendering or CAD work. Thus, they are borderline professional workstations. The lower price ranges should be perfect for the hobbyist videographer, film-maker, or mechanical designer. You should pretty much be semi-professional or intend to eventually go professional if you want one of the high-end machines. Actual professionals might want to invest in an actual purpose-built workstation.

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 $500 - For the wide-eyed, creative types. 

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 $750 - Time to get serious. 

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 $1000 - Straighten up and fly right! You've got work to do! 

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 $1250 - Fast enough for ya? 

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 $1500 - When fast isn't fast enough... 

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